Preventive Health Checks


Why Preventive Health Checks?

Our body is the most important and most valuable engine in the world. It has to run 24-hours a day and can’t afford to stop even for a second. It requires a periodic and thorough check-up in order to stay in top shape.

A health check up is a routine examination usually done annually or once every two to three years with a recommendation of once every five years as a method of preventive measure to analyze your current condition. Hence in order to rule out problems or symptoms of abnormality with the body before they develop into severe conditions.

The purpose of a periodic health check up is mainly to serve as an alert to healthcare providers to chronic diseases that could occur within an individual patient and to check up for some disease that may not have visible symptoms. Generally, health check up screens for cholesterol levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and all the general non-invasive nose, mouth, throat procedures. Other specific health check up examination may include dental check ups, eye check ups, or gynecological checkups.

It is a good idea to get a health check up. Many times a disease has to display severe symptoms before a person starts to take notice of the fact that there is something wrong with their body and many a times, after the diagnosis, the disease has already reached beyond the developmental stages where it might have been easily treated. Even if you feel like you are perfectly fit and healthy, a health check up is a good preventive healthcare that could save you money and time later on

Generally in mid thirty’s for your long-term well being, a proper preventive health check once a year is advisable. A proper range of medical tests can help you:

Measures that you can take to avoid risk of diseases
Educate yourself on how you can enjoy good health and avoid becoming a victim of lifestyle diseases.
We at Apollo have established the concept of Preventive Health Checks. These health checks have been created with an idea of providing best preventive methods of ruling out and detecting early ailments also designed to suit the needs of every member of the family. We believe that preventive health evaluation is one of the most effective means of staying in good health.
We provide state-of-the-art technology and personal attention from our customer care staff. A comfortable and cozy ambience is in which a health check is experienced. Our service is recommended for our thoroughness and quality in our service.

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The present system is good. All doctors and staff members especially doctors at the treadmill test, treatment room and eye check-up are excellent.


Mr. R. Sarangpani, Reserve Bank of India
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